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I need more energy!

"I'm always tired", "I have no energy", "how do you get up and train so early?"

Common statements made by clients, friends and colleagues. Sound familiar?

So how do you get more energy?

My 5 tips to help you start bouncing out of bed, or at least bouncing more throughout your day!

1. Sleep.

Sleep and recovery is SO important in anyone's journey. Make a habit of getting to bed earlier. Switch off TV's, put your phone down, enjoy a cup of tea. Find a routine that will help you get ready for bed sooner and let your mind switch off. 7.5 hours for me is perfect, 8 hours is a dream! Practice setting the alarm a little earlier each morning - and on the weekends, enjoy a sleep in, but set an alarm shortterm to wake you up after 9 hours sleep. It'll only be temporary as Mr. Bodyclock starts working again.


Having a balanced diet, with enough calories for your body's needs will almost instantly give you more energy. If you are trying to lose weight, you'll more than likely be following a daily intake which is restricting your calories. Not only do you need to eat more than you think (that's a side story) but you need to eat enough for your body to function daily. Carbohydrates are our main source of energy, if you're sticking with salads through the day, low fat processed foods and hardly any fruit or veggies - chances are you're lacking in energy, and feeling incredibly sleepy!

3. Drink water.

Keeping your body hydrated helps with digestion, with your metabolism and also cleanses your body of toxins. If you're drinking less than 2L of water in a day - you're letting your body become sluggish, you're not helping it digest or keep your organs functioning as they should.

4. Avoid Sugary Foods.

I tend to balance my whole daily intake with as much wholesome and natural foods as possible, if you are a fiend for afternoon chocolates, chances are your going to find your energy slumps soon after your afternoon ritual. Cutting back on sugary foods, and replacing them with high fat/high protein options will leave you fuller for longer and also help reduce that 'crash' feeling. The afternoon blues. Cleaning up your diet with reduced intake of sugar and additives in general - will and does increase energy levels.

5. Exercise!

This is THE most important one in my opinion. Get your body used to burning energy, release those endorphins, enjoy the process of your training regime. I know you'll NEVER regret that workout once you get out of bed.

Once you work out what exercise is best for you and what time of day works best for you, or once you find a friend to train with - just get in there and get it done. Beucase you are already implementing all of the above - your workouts are going to be fuelled, your body is going to be well rested and hydrated... see! They all work hand in hand.

When you start making these small changes to your daily habits, you will find (I promise! Becuase I've heard it time and time again from my own clients) that you will be bouncing out of bed, you're days will be happier, you'll feel stronger and happier with each training day that goes by.

Just get stuck into creating the best you!

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