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15 Healthy Swaps - Eat out and be social!

15 tips to keep in mind when eating out, attending social events or even cooking at home to keep the results of all your hard work in the gym! Approach every weekend knowing that you can make healthier choices and keep your hard work through the week - all weekend.

Alifestyle doesn’t promote restriction, however the key is to think mindfully about choices you make when it comes to food. Alifestyle is about still attending social activities but having the knowledge about basic nutrition so you can make the right choices and lower the impact these social events have on your overall progress and health.

Whilst some of these might be similar in calorie content, sticking to natural sources of fats, carbohydrates and wholesome proteins can assist with helping you feel fuller for longer and provide more nutrition than processed versions.

1. Caramel Latte, Iced Chocolates SWAP WITH Long black, skim cappuccino or Iced Long Black.

2. Fresh squeezed juices and smoothies SWAP WITH Water infused with cucumber or berries.

3. Pancakes or hotcakes SWAP WITH French toast, maple syrup on the side.

4. Acai/Smoothie Bowl SWAP WITH Fresh fruit and natural or Greek yogurt with cinnamon.

5. Scrambled eggs SWAP WITH Poached or boiled eggs.

6. Chorizo and Pancetta SWAP WITH smoked salmon or avocado for good fats.

7. Corn chips, potato crisps, Jatz SWAP WITH Cucumber veggie discs, rice crackers or air popped

pop corn.

8. Sour cream SWAP WITH No fat Greek Yogurt.

9. French onion or creamy dips SWAP WITH Tzatziki or Greek Yogurt spiced with garlic, dill and

lemon, or paprika and cumin.

10. Coconut rice at Thai SWAP WITH Brown rice –steamed.

11. Beer battered fish and chips or calamari SWAP WITH Grilled fish, Salmon with Asian greens or

grilled prawns.

12. Beef and Bacon burger SWAP WITH Grilled chicken and avocado burger – skip the cheese.

13. Aioli and creamy salad dressings SWAP WITH Mustards, olive oil and vinegar based dressing.

14. Mashed potato SWAP WITH Whole steamed potato or sweet potato.

15. Cider, champagne, wine and cocktails SWAP WITH low carb beer (mid-strength is even better) or a vodka, soda and fresh lime.

If you're ready to make changes to your lifestyle, start today - Get Started pack gives you your customised guidelines suited to your lifestyle and goals.


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