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Dominos Pizza vs. Homemade

An eye opener for your nutrition intake.

THIS is what I researched for my own benefit and understanding over 4 years ago on my own fitness journey.

The amount of carbs and fats in so little pizza. I told everyone. I don't know about you, but was finding it pretty easy to demolish a whole pizza to myself. Or close enough to. When I used to do this of a Friday night , not including wine and dessert - and my whole days intake before dinner. A whole pizza would set you back 176C, 72P and 48F.

Let's put that into perspective. - 2 slices of pizza - 44g carbs. Is equivalent to 2x bananas 🍌🍌. - 4 slices of pizza = 4x bananas 🍌🍌🍌🍌. - 6 slices of pizza - 132g carbs and 36g fat = 2x bananas 🍌🍌, 1 sandwich 🍞 1 mars bar 🍫 and 1x whole avovado. Could you eat that in a whole sitting? (Yes, some people believe they could).

This is why I developed Alifestyle, to educate clients and all those on their own weightloss journeys to understand the content of food rather than just calories.

On the right, my homemade pizza using Mission Pizza bases - 50g carbohydrate for the WHOLE pizza. Available at any supermarket in Australia.

Putting portion distortion out there for you all to understand.

Tailor made food plans available to help you achieve your goals and learn more avout food, not for 12 weeks but to understand for life.

Contact me to get started.

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