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Your Coach Ali

Weakness: Ice cream! Pull-ups - I'm always practicing!

Goals: 100kg back squat, 10km run (just kidding - I hate running!).



You'll hear me telling you: 

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

If you miss a rep in my class...

"You're only cheating yourself".

From completing my own weight loss journey, and coming back from a serious injury - I understand your training needs may be different from someone else.


I've developed programming to suit any fitness level and get results you want.

Favourite Food: Ice Cream

Workout: Heavy deadlifts, any kind of lunges and burpees. I love weight training and HIIT/Crossfit

Biggest Setback: Broke my back in July 2016, required 4 screws and 2 rods in my spine.

Biggest Accomplishment: losing 14kg and competing in Bikini bodybuilding division in 2014.

I've lost weight, I've put it back on again... I've recovered from a serious injury - through this I understand your difficulties and training needs may be different from someone else.

I've developed programming to suit any fitness level and get results you want. I developed Alifestyle becuase there is no cookie cutter approach to reaching your goals.

A little more about me,

You want to know more if you got this far...

Alifestyle has expanded from an online only nutrition business,

to now include face to face small group personal training,

it's my part time work but full time passion. 

From an active upbringing, going for bike rides with my family, playing

representative basketball for Canberra through my teenage years, I left

home  at 18 to join the Defence Force, where I was faced with three

cooked meals a day. I didn't realise it at the time, but suddenly these

three cooked meals a day, plus too many snacks and alcohol I began

overeating and wasn't moving enough.


                In just 4 short months I had piled on a massive 16kg -

                my heaviest at 90kg.

Over the next 5 years, I battled to lose this weight. I was always a size 10 growing up, now I was struggling to be comfortable in a size 14, wearing over-sized clothing to cover up my now larger body. I started low calorie diets and started going back to the gym, spending hours on cardio equipment and being too afraid to step foot near the weights room.


I also thought that if I spent an hour on the treadmil, then I was allowed to consume those calories later that day- I'd treat myself. What turned out to be a viscous cycle.

I then yo-yo dieted, I lost 12kg, then I got comfortable and began a spiral of eating and less moving, before I knew it I had nothing to 'work towards' and I gained weight again... all my hard work disappeared I was back at 83kg.

This is when I knew enough was enough. 

My initial inspiration was from a friend at work, who just started her preparation for her third body building competition in 'fitness' category. I thought she was crazy initially! But after time, I could see what she was doing was working... I wanted in.

A month went on, I was finding this new way of eating (we'll call it flexible Paleo) satisfying but still not very maintainable. Whilst I was eating a lot of healthy meals, lots of vegetables and no processed carbohydrates, it was restrictive and didn't work for me. During this period I finally got the confidence to match my new found eating habits with weight training. It was great, I finally found something which pushed me every session, I could see my own progress and it was very rewarding.

I decided to stop following a Paleo style diet. And decided to go back to basics with nutrition, at the time that was including wholesome, natural and unprocessed foods. I stopped buying pre-packaged snacks at the grocery store and started making healthy alternative dishes, like vegetable lasagnas, banana muffins and home made dips (here started my recipe book!).

It was then I decided to compete in my first every bodybuilding competition in Bikini division. I remember when telling family and friends, they were worried I was going to get 'too big', I assured them it was something for me to focus on and achieve, I wasn't going to get massive!

So I used Instagram to track my progress, I started posting my progress photos to keep myself accountable and keep myself motivated by checking every so often for changes in my body. 
I put myself through an initial strict phase, which meant everything was fresh, wholesome, nothing from a packet. I preach this on my clients - initially you've got to make some changes to kick start your good habits. I find either becoming aware of the foods you're eating or eliminating them completely for a week is a great starting point.

It was working! -  I never starved!

6 months later (April 2014), I successfully stepped on stage and

competed in my first ever competition -15kg lighter and at 16% body

fat - I didn't win or place. But that didn't matter - my success was I

never ate less than 1500 calories a day (stop doing 1200 calorie diets

people). I was very strict with my diet for 6 weeks during my 'cutting'

phase, however, I did ensure it fit with a lifestyle I wanted to have.

That lifestyle was training 5 or 6 days a week, drinking Beer on the

weekend, eating homemade pizza, eating out with my partner, friends

and family, and even enjoying ice cream. I did all of that half way

through prep on an overseas holiday! 6 weeks out from comp.

Post competition I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the nutrition and

health industry. There were so many women around me starving themselves

to achieve a particular body, they were doing more harm than good.

I started my part-time study in Advanced Certificate of Nutrition and

Weight loss Counselling.

I have maintained this lifestyle for 6    years now.

I eat a well balanced diet and continue weight training both in the gym

and through Crossfit style workouts.


 believe a healthy diet consists of eating consistently well 80 percent

of the time and enjoying life the other 20 per cent of the time; eating

favorite foods and having beers of a weekend. I have developed

Alifestyle to help others, to promote healthy living, to show you to eat

more not less, to promote a healthy relationship with food and body

image and most importantly to give individual advice and support

to clients which become friends.

I look forward to working with you!

Scales aren't everything._Everyone start

Start          2017



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