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Stop the Winter Blues

That time of year, it starts getting colder, your bed feels warmer, comfort foods can be tastier.

Don't fall into the slide of all these excuses for why you should stop your training regime.

You can absolutely continue to make progress over winter (I know you've all heard that summer bodies are made in the winter!), the weather shouldn't put a dampen on your progress and you certainly can keep eating good foods that are warming and will keep you on track.

Here are some ways to stay with it this winter!

1. Find a workout buddy, or better yet join a bootcamp! Training with a friend will keep you both accountable, if you're not there who will your friend train with? It's great to keep each other company and motivated.

2. Plan your wardrobe and your workout. Maybe this means laying out your clothes the night before, or taking them with you to work. Giving yourself one less thing to think about in the morning can set you up for success. Jump out of bed and straight into your gym gear before you can get cold. Training on the way to work or way home is a great time saver and you'll spend more time doing things you want! And of course know exactly what you're going to do when you get there. Need help? Contact me for a training program.

3. Think about your goals. Set them first if you don't have any, then think about how you will achieve your goals. If you skip today, it's a day wasted. How will you run that 5km fun run in September if you don't commit now. Each day and each workout is one closer to your goal. The bar won't lift itself, nor will your goals get closer if you stay sitting on the couch.

4. Get happy! Maybe you had a long and slow day at work, put on your favourite song, play it loud and get in the mood. You'll feel ready to dominate that workout by the time you walk in the gym. Or first thing in the morning - make yourself a hot black coffee, perfect for pre-workout and to keep your hands warm.

5. Meal prep slow cooker meals. Getting creative in the kitchen can be even easier when its warm food weather. No more salads! Chuck heaps of meat and veg in the slow cooker with whatever flavours you can think of. Think curry, stew and soup. No excuses but to eat well. Need inspiration? Try my recipe book full with options that are slow cooker friendly.

6. Focus on the benefit! Think about how great you're going to feel once your workout is over, how proud you'll be that you didn't decide to just sit at home because of the weather. Embrace and look forward to the blue skies and crisp mornings. A hot shower is the perfect reward for when you're done!

If all else fails, just remember its only 5 months until bikini/speedo season!

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