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New You - It will take time!

2017 - time to start yet another year off and become a healthier you.

Before we start talking about New Years resolutions, because they are written everywhere, another more important word and thought process comes to my mind.

So you've just started a new healthy eating regime, maybe you've just joined the gym, or you have started cutting out junk food because you want to lose a few kilo's that have crept on over Christmas - be honest it was the last few months.

Whatever it is you have started to do and committed to this year, remember it is going to take TIME.

The worst mistake you can make is making excuses for each deviation you take, don't get into the habit of "I'll start again tomorrow". Or it's only January and I have 10 months to go until I have to look good in that dress for my best friend's wedding. Stay committed - be patient.

If you have already lost weight before and are trying to do so again, you'll know you will eventually reverse everything you have achieved by not being patient. Be happy to lose weight, this is your new lifestyle! You are working towards a longer, healthier and happier life which will allow you to live life to its maximum!

The quote I hear over and over again, you didn't put on the 10kg over night so don't expect to lose it over night either. I use my own transformation and journey as a reference and to show that Alifestyle works. There is over 24 months between these two photos, a lot of time and a new lifestyle. Whilst I train and eat well 90% of the week, I still enjoy events, I eat dessert and drink alcohol - it would be silly for me to pretend that I don't - because YOU are someone who wants to enjoy life too.

It takes a very long time to change your body composition, to burn fat and to build muscle. Remember that becoming 'toned' is effectively building of muscle, then secondly the lowering of body fat to 'reveal' muscle definition which gives the 'toned' look so many work for.

So, continue to work on your new year new you goals - whatever they might be. But remember always, it WILL take time, be patient!

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