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25 Snacks to keep you on Track


25 snacks to keep the hunger away.


So many get caught up in the difficult situation of “what should I have between meals?”, “I LOVE to snack!”, well guess what I LOVE to snack too!

Depending on your goals, what your calorie intake is, when you are training and what your macro-nutrient might be, some of these will be more suitable than others, but as a general rule - stick to the serving size and you will be fine!

Some of my favourite go to snacks which I personally use frequently:

  1. Corn thins with ricotta, beetroot, ham and spinach,

  2. Corn thins with ricotta, cinnamon and strawberries,

  3. Greek Yogurt with cinnamon and berries,

  4. Popcorn (single serves – I choose “Cool Pak”),

  5. Dry roasted almonds, or home made mixed nuts, using non-salted versions (20-30g),

  6. Chicken ‘bites’ – marinate some cubed chicken breast,

  7. Tuna – put on corn thins, make a mini salad with spinach leaves, capsicum and mushroom,

  8. Cottage cheese, avocado or nut butters on anything,

  9. Cucumber discs with meat (ham/tuna/salmon) and olives or fetta,

  10. Double chocolate zuchinni brownies (from Alifestyle e-recipe book),

  11. Cottage cheese mixed with peanut butter and 1tsp protein powder (tastes like Cheesecake!),

  12. Overnight oats, mixed with cinnamon, berries and chia seeds – eat straight from the container,

  13. Celery and peanut butter,

  14. Mini quiches, made with egg, tomato and ham,

  15. Zucchini slice, with a side salad if you’re looking to fill up,

  16. Vegetable sticks with hummus or tzatziki dip,

  17. Boiled eggs, not keen having them on their own? Make a small salad,

  18. Banana bread (low carb recipe from Alifestyle e-recipe book),

  19. Lemon Blueberry muffins (low carb recipe from Alifestyle e-recipe book),

  20. Cherry tomato with fetta cheese and herbs,

  21. Protein shake, made with almond milk or regular milk,

  22. Protein balls (low fat recipe from Alifestyle e-recipe book),

  23. Rice crackers with roast turkey, fetta and tomato,

  24. Low carb protein bar (great to have one in your bag in case of an emergency),

  25. 2 ingredient pancakes – banana and egg, spiced with cinnamon,

As you can see, there are a number of grab quick options – which aren’t just packets of chips, which can be harmful to your waistline and won't keep you satisfied long. Some do require a little thought process or preparation, however most items are easily transportable and simple to put together to satisfy those hunger pains and will keep you on the right track towards your goals and healthy habits.

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