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What does a serve of Carbohydrate look like?

From time to time, I see many people around me saying they are eating healthy, following a new health kick, cutting out carbs, eating less bread and pasta.

But, I see what they are eating, and often the term 'eating healthier' includes more fruit, crackers with dips, yogurt, another piece of fruit and less bread - but wholegrain wraps. Because they are healthier.

So - What does a serving of carbohydrate look like?

Right from the beginning, I have been educating clients on how to start looking at food differently, how to understand what exactly they are eating - to help create not only a balanced lifestyle but also one which is educated.

Over the past 3 years it is a consistent issue which pops up frequently, people who think they are following 'low carb diets' in order to lose weight. Or simply eating healthy - more fruit, low fat items, crackers and dips instead of pasta, rice and bread.

But these have carbs too.

And some a lot more than you would think.

So I've developed a 'healthy' snapshot at what a 20-25g serve of carbohydrate looks like in pictures. Because often it's easier to see items rather than read about them.

These food options are all equivalent to one another in carbohydrate level. The serving size listed, equates to the same serve of carbohydrate for each and every one of them - between 20 and 25g. Their fat content of course varies, as well as added and natural sugars. But - the carbohydrate is the same.

We need carbohydrates to function, they provide us energy but when over consumed they become stored energy. This isn't a post about carbohydrates being bad, they are great - and good for you!

But, a post to educate you on being aware of your intake and what you are really consuming, or, understanding what you could consume instead (alternative options).

For the better part, you would feel much more satisfied after 100g rice instead of 1 date, or perhaps 2 slices of toast rather than 100g/9 grapes.

------------------------------------- For help with your diet and to understand more about your needs, drop me an email or contact via messages.

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