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Meal Prep to Success!

Meal prepping.

You've probably heard all about it. Maybe you think it's only for bodybuilders, or people obsessed with eating all day everyday.

I've been meal prepping now for over 3 years and thought I would share some benefits of WHY you should do it and some tips on HOW you can best do it and I am positive you'll start reaching your new year goals a whole lot quicker once you do.

At first I got into meal prepping for weight loss, I had to change my eating habits - which used to consist of whatever was left over from dinner the night before, a muesli bar, piece of fruit, some veggie sticks and when 2pm munchies came around - whatever was laying around in the lolly shop. Does this sound familiar?

When you eat a typical daily diet like this, it is more likely you are under-eating through the day which leads to late evening binging - because you were so good throughout the day. More importantly it's easy to also see that you can start missing out on a lot of GOOD nutrients throughout the day by restricting yourself to convenience foods and also what you 'think' is healthy.

When you break down a typical diet of a 9-5 office worker, you'll see a lot of carbohydrate coming from fruit, crispbreads, low fat yogurts and bread. What's missing is vital nutrients from vegetables, an overload of saturated (the 'bad') fats and sugars from chocolates, muffins and cakes and not enough protein.

People complain of feeling sluggish around 2pm. That's when they search for chocolate for a quick hit of sugar. Before dropping down again.

Preparing your meals in advance will help ensure you get sufficient vitamins and minerals from good quality vegetables and carbohydrates throughout your day, lean protein and healthy fats. Do this consistently, your weight loss battles will start taking care of itself.

I advise and encourage all clients, family and friends to meal prep, taking the time to understand your needs is important as we are all different. If you aren't doing it, here is why you should be, how to do it and you'll see why you wish you started doing it before!


Time Saving - Forget thinking about what you will have for lunch everyday, take the stress out of your everyday busy enough life, to simplify and make your day as simple as grab-and-go. You won't need to prepare your soggy sandwich or wilted salad each morning, meaning more time for YOU.

Cost effective - preparing a week's worth of meals and snacks for one person can cost as little as $50 per week, feeding you more food than you realised you can eat. That INCLUDES all the good stuff, lean meats and green veggies, wholegrains and fruit and no processed specials. When you prepare your food for the week, that means little waste from your wallet ($12 per day plus $5 coffee runs can add up to $85 a week) and waste to the bin. No afternoon trips to the lolly store, you'll save $$ each day - perfect reason to save up for those tights you've been eyeing off!

Portion Control - creating your meals and knowing what is in them is a power tool. The knowledge you gain from understanding how big a serving of chicken or beef should be is priceless. You'll quickly understand how easy it is to overeat, seeing wh

y you haven't reached your goals previously. Understanding even how to swap carbs for carbs and proteins for proteins.

Makes Weightloss Eeeezie-r - you know EXACTLY what you are eating each day, in each meal. You will be more organised and have meals on hand wherever you are. This is GREAT, you will be burning more than you are consuming - weight will take care of itself all why you are enjoying each meal. Each snack. Knowing that every meal is one step closer to your goal. Eating more frequent and smaller meals will help stoke your internal fire, your metabolism!This will help with recovery post work out, or fuel you enough before your afternoon work out.


Pick a day to prep - this is most often a Sunday afternoon,

Plan your trip to the grocery store - once you know what you'll be eating for the week, write a list and stick to it.

Prepare your carbohydrates first. Potato or rice take the longest to cook, and once cooked will be the first to distribute.

Prepare your main meal - this might be bolagnese, curry, marinated chicken, meatballs, rissoles, lasagne...

Steam the greens - these are the quickest and last to worry about.

Get your containers and scales ready to weigh out your food as required.

Stack everything up in the fridge - and admire your organisation and success for the week ahead!

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