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It's about the "1%-ers"


Tips to keep you on track:

Make small, "one-percenters". Aim for tiny improvements on choices, whether they be activity based or food based that you make daily.

When you consistently change 1 thing each week, you'll soon find that your habits and lifestyle will start to take a change for the good.

Keep changes small, easy, find things you might not necessarily notice in the beginning - but remember, if it were easy, everyone would do it!

  • take the stairs;

  • an extra walk once a week;

  • one less scoop of ice cream;

  • one less beer of a night;

  • no butter on your bread;

  • one more serve of veggies in the day;

  • one extra glass, or litre, of water in a day;

  • get up and walk to your colleague rather than email them;

  • one more push up;

  • one extra squat - or a whole set;

  • have fruit instead of cake; and

  • have mineral water instead of soft drink... just to name a few.

When you start making all these changes, they will eventually stick, they will become part of your lifestyle and your mindset will change.

Before you know it, a month has passed, 2 months and then a year...


Focus on yourself and your progress, don't worry about that other girl in the gym, or the constant exposure we have to shredded individuals we see posted everywhere. They are paid and sponsored to live life like a bodybuilder. It is an unrealistic lifestyle for the common, everyday woman to aspire to.

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