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Home SQUAD - Released 1st May for 4th May start.


Your ULTIMATE workout guide, includes an exercise glossary, workout words explained and 6 weeks programming. 


3 weekly sessions means 24 structured workouts, designed over 6 weeks to increase your strength, build muscle, burn fat. You'll enjoy a mix of strength and sweat sessions from your own home, backyard or local park.



Ideally, at least 1 Kettlebell, or 2 Dumbbells.

A resistance band and Medicine ball to complete all the workouts as perscribed.

Any exercise can be completed with or without weight, so if you don't have equipment fill your backpack with cans or books to make your workouts a bit more challenging.

Workouts are labelled as home or park friendly - you'll need a 2x2m space and some good music!


Complete with workout words index - becuase sometimes we need a dictionary.

Over 90 exercise movements glossary - including easy to follow photos full with descriptions on how to perform movements you're unsure of. Don't worry about Google, my descriptions are intended to coach you through those you're unsure about.



As a Squad member you'll receive access to the private Facebook group to keep you accountable. As a BONUS you'll be emailed Saturday smash sessions to help motivate you over your weekend.


Join the Squad - we're all in this together!


PLUS as a round 1 member you'll receive a discount for round 2.



Each eBook purchase is subject to ONE user and subject to copyright protection 2020©. Sharing your eBook is prohibited. I thank you for keeping it for use only by yourself and supporting me and this program I have put so much effort into. If you love the program so much, please share my website with your family and friends to continue to show support for Alifestyle.



All purchases are non-refundable. Due to the intangibility of the product (digital download), we cannot accept any request for refunds. In the case where a purchase error is made please contact us via email to discuss a resolution.


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