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Squad + Nutrition


Squad Classes to your inbox AND Nutrition Coaching.

$140 monthly subscription.


Level up your progress by combining Squad classes (3x sessions weekly), featuring high intentisty, strength and resistance training along with your online nutrition coaching.

Valid for 4 weeks (Only $35 per week) for unlimited support with all your nutrition and fitness needs.


For best results - use coaching program over 3 months,

Or continue as long as you need.



- UNLIMITED Online support during the month,

- Access to ALL Squad classes, 3x workouts weekly. 

- Personalised Nutiriton Guidelines,

- Personalised Training Program (to suit Gym OR Home workouts) in addition to Squad program.

- Access to Alifestyle Squad private group to keep you motivated and encourage others,

- Weekly check-in to keep you accountable,

- Weekly updates to your nutrition based on your goals and progress,

- Alifestyle 10 page Guidelines handbook,

- Alifestyle 72 page e-Recipe Book, and

- Alifestyle planning diary and shopping list.


Best for: ANYONE

Maybe you need consistent support to keep you accountable, you've tried everything else, your progress in the gym isn't where you'd like it to be and you aren't sure how to reach your goals next.


No matter your goals, if your just beginning in the gym or advanced, online coaching will asssist your goals and can accomodate to increase your muscle, reduce fat, increase your overall fitness and educate you toward a flexible, maintainable approach to your daily food intake.


You and I work together to develop your meal plan, if you love chicken and rice, we include that - if you love sandwiches, we include that! There is no cookie cutter diet program for everyone, which is what makes Alifestyle Online Coaching suitable for you.


Best results? Continue for minimum 3 months (12 weeks).